Our ambition at MyChance is to ensure our customers achieve satisfaction from the games, without experiencing gambling-related issues. We understand that visitors of our Casino may include people with gambling addiction, for whom gambling has become a disorder. We cannot restrict access of such users to the games; we can only advise gamblers to follow the approach of responsible gaming. For our part, we will try doing everything to ensure that our customers are gambling for fun.


Millions of people around the world regularly play slots, enjoying and winning real money without being addicted to gambling. If you are just starting to play slots, roulette or card games, you should follow the recommendations below. This will allow to fully enjoy games without acquiring an addiction.

First of all, define your gaming budget by deciding how much money you do not mind losing. It is advisable to define the budget per day rather than per week or longer. Otherwise, if you suddenly get unlucky, you can spend a week's budget in a few days, after which there is a risk that money not originally intended for this will be spent on gambling.

To make it easier to define your gaming budget, we have added this capability. You can set a limit per day/week/month. Limits can be set not only for the amount of the deposit, but also for the amount of bets made over the selected period. To set limits, click to the link

Minimal risk will allow you to maintain control over the situation. Do not forget that a game must always remain a game, and attempts to go for broke may end unfortunately. Making reasonable bets for your budget, you will be able to prolong the pleasure of the game while getting even more chances to win big, because the more rounds played, the more likely the result that can bring you a huge prize.

Do not gamble for borrowed money. Similarly, you cannot borrow money just to recover losses. In general, resolving the problems, including financial ones, through gambling already indicates the addiction.

Determine the time during which you will be playing in advance. Time flies very fast when you play or gamble. The moments fly even faster during the streak of luck. But this should not prevent you from accomplishing the planned affairs, even if it seems to you that you will hit the jackpot after a few more spins. An addicted gambler can stop the game at any time.

Take breaks during the game. Do not turn into a robot who mindlessly clicks the drum rotation button and pays no attention to everything that happens around. Detract from gambling at least every half an hour for a few minutes. In an extreme case, if you are so carried away with the game that you do not notice the passage of time, set the timer that will remind you of the need to rest.

Do something else besides gambling. The game should not turn into an occupation for you after coming home from work until late at night. There are many ways to have fun and enjoy in life, and slot machines may be one of them, but they should not become the primary one.

Do not gamble for money when depressed or under stress. At such times, a person cannot be unaware of their actions, which may lead to negative consequences, reckless risks and, as a result, further deterioration. The same applies to the game in a drunken state.


If you suspect that you have developed a gambling addiction, pass a little test by answering a few questions. This will help you understand whether or not you need to take some measures and reduce the time spent gambling.

  • Have you been late for school, work or an important meeting, fascinated by gambling?
  • Have you spent money on gambling that was intended to pay for rent, utilities, buy food and other natural needs?
  • Have you left your friends and family without attention, spending all your spare time on gambling?
  • Have you quarreled with your family because of gambling?
  • Are you nervous when your relatives ask you about gambling?
  • Have you sheltered your income from your family in order to spend it on gambling?
  • Do you think about gambling while doing other things?
  • Have you tried gambling at work?
  • Do you often talk on the subject of gambling even if others are not interested?
  • Do you feel free talking about playing slot machines for money?
  • Do you consider gambling as a way to earn money?
  • Do you dream about spending the jackpot or big win?
  • Are you in a hurry to finish your business in order to get back to gambling as soon as possible?
  • Can you sit still after a few days or even hours without gambling?
  • You are annoyed by conversations about gambling?

At least one affirmative answer to the above questions suggests that you should think about why you gamble and take a note on your penchant for gambling addiction. Five or more affirmative answers indicate a growing gambling addiction, ten or more – serious problems that require immediate action.

It is virtually impossible to cope with gambling addiction on your own. Luckily, there are special communities for gamblers who want to get rid of addiction. The gamblers can communicate, share their concerns and together find a solution.


Only persons of full age are allowed to play for real money in MyChance casino. Each user can indicate his or her date of birth right after registration in the Personal Account or at the request of the security service of the online casino in the case of reasons for doubt. If we have doubts in validity of the user-specified age, his or her gaming account is blocked pending clarification of the circumstances. To ensure the maximum comfort of gambling, we do not require to verify the user details at each withdrawal of funds, even if the withdrawal is for the first time. But if the details in the personal account and the details obtained from the payment systems do not match, we may ask the customer to verify their identity.

We're not trying to attract minor children to gambling by advertising or by any other means. If you have become aware of the fact that minors gamble in our online casino, please report it to customer support, and we will promptly take appropriate action.


If you think that you need to stop playing for a few days, you can set limits by clicking to the link You can temporarily suspend your gaming account, specifying the desired period. In this case, the funds on the gaming account will be frozen and you will be able to sign in to your account again no earlier than after the specified period.

If account suspension does not help and you get back to gambling after unlocking, you can block your account forever. In this case, all the funds from your account will be paid back to you in full.

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