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Slots Online - What You Need To Know

Slots, slot machine, pokies, one arm bandit, money machine, there are so many names given to the humble slot machine that you would think it is a complicated piece of technology and machinery, but it is simply a game. There is not a lot of skill involved when playing slots online. However, change plays a huge part in online gaming. All you really need to know is that you place your bet, press spins and wait for the win.

As slot games have become more and more popular the themes and reel configurations have changed to ensure they stay interesting and entertaining. Most slots are based on spinning reels where different combinations of symbols trigger events in the game itself. Broadly speaking the more symbols that you spin that match on a payline the more chance you have winning big. In this text, we will review some of the key concepts that you should keep track of while you are playing.

Action Lines

Within the game, you can choose how many bet lines you would like to play with. The more bet lines you choose, the more each spin will cost, but the more chances you have creating a winning combination. Every game will have their own individual number of paylines that you can choose to enable for each spin.

Each game will also highlight the different bet lines that you can play with; these bet lines will sometimes be straight, diagonal, a heartbeat pattern, or a combination of many patterns. A common theme is for a game to have 20 bet lines. However, they can have more or less.

You can find information about each game's bet line structure in the information section on every game. Some slots have fixed paylines which means that you have to play with a certain number of bet lines. In most slots though, you will have a choice to choose the bet lines that you want to play with or automatically select ‘all bet lines’.

Coins and coin value

There are several ways you can determine the size of the bet you would like to place. The first one, as mentioned above, is to select the amount of paylines or bet lines that you want to use. The other ways is to select how many coins you want to bet on a line and determine what a coin will be worth. Slots are in this way very flexible for players to choose the size and amount of their bet.

The maximum bet on a slot game can be in the hundreds, and when you play for real money, you can win big in seconds or lose it all in a few spins. All slot games will allow you to set the bet amount that you feel comfortable playing with, the bigger your stake, the more you stand to win. It is a good idea to bet in the mid-range while you get a feel for the spinning reels and the adjust your bet accordingly after that.

Volatility and Profit Plan

Volatility is a term that, in relation to slots, shows how much difference there is between the highest and lowest profits in a game. All games have a profit plan through a mathematical algorithm, and this affects how much you win in a particular game. Many software developers have information about the volatility of a slot within the game itself, so you can check on it before you start playing. Information will cover things like the profit plan, and how much money you can win with different symbol combinations.

Exact information on the volatility of a particular slot can be quite hard to find, however, if you visit independent forums that review slot games you can generally find some solid information. After you have played for a little while you gain a preference for the type of slot that you like to play. You may like a high volatility slot where the payouts are further apart but bigger or a low volatility slot where the payouts are frequent but reasonably low.

Mobile Games

Many of the new slots released are also available to play on mobile devices. Which means you can access them on smartphones, tablets and other touchscreen iOS and Android devices. Our site currently has no mobile access. However, you can play directly from a browser, and nearly all of our slots look amazing on mobile devices with browser access.

Progressive jackpots

Many people call the game's highest possible profit the jackpot. All games then have a jackpot. But then there are slots with progressive jackpots, and this is something else entirely. Progressive means "changing" and this is all about games where the maximum win is not fixed but constantly growing. How much you can win is affected by how many people play the game at any given time and a progressive jackpot can amount to many millions. We list out progressive jackpot games under a separate heading on the site.


RTP of return to player is the value, expressed as a percentage, that you will most likely get returned while playing a game. If a slot is 96.3% RTP, an average value, you will receive 96.3 coins back out of every hundred you bet - over time. You shouldn’t play a game with a lower RTP rate than 96.3%, especially when you consider that some games have RTP rate of 98%. Taking all of this information in you can easily see that most casinos do not have a high-profit margin at all, which is why an online casinos main goal and purpose is entertainment.

Symbols in Slots

Slot machines at online casinos based on the same basic mechanics as the classic slot machines. It is really a sophisticated form of the standard lottery system where instead of number popping up to allow you to win you bet on symbols instead.

In the past fruit and lucky symbols were the main focus for all slot machines. However, modern video slots illustrate special themed symbols unique to a particular game. The theme is tied into the symbols, bonus features, bonus games, and free spin rewards to ensure entertainment and fun at all times.

All symbols, whether you are playing with classic fruit symbols or themed symbols, have an individual value placed on them. Basic symbols have a lower value, and you will spin those more frequently, while the symbols that generate a high profit are usually harder to spin. There are also special symbols found in most games, and they will trigger things like a free spin round, or bonus game.


A wild is a kind of joker. Its basic function is that it substitutes for other symbols to make it easier for you to get a winning combination. If you are lucky enough to get a line consisting entirely of wild symbols, this usually means that you win a lot of money, at least if you bet correctly. Wild Symbols often have different special features. A wild, for example, expanding to cover several lines or remain on the screen for the next spin. These are features that greatly affect your chances of winning and the excitement is sure to rise when the feature becomes effective. It is also common for a wild to imply a multiplier that increases the amount you can win.


The so-called scatter symbol is also found in most online slot games. If you get a certain number of them on the screen, this usually means you win free spins. When playing in free spin mode, it is almost always the case that, you can win a higher amount than the game's default mode. Usually, it doesn’t matter where on the screen you get the scatter symbols for it to trigger the ‘bonus’. The more scatters that appear, the higher the amount you can win during your free spins mode.

Bonus Symbol

Many modern video slots and even some older slot machines, have special bonus rounds that start when you get a certain number of bonus symbols. It usually means that you are transferred to a new screen where you can influence how much you can win by making different choices. For example, you can get a treasure map where there are a number of ‘X marks the spot’ from there you decide where to dig, and if you're lucky, you dig where the treasure is. The bonus symbol and the bonus game are associated with slot's overall theme and often create a feeling that you as a player are in the middle of a story.

Different Slots For Different Players

Although all slot games are lumped into the same category and based on the same basic concept of spinning reels, the genre has become very broad, and you will find many variations of the game online.

You will find classic slot machine games where the sounds and graphics are ‘retro’. These games are very simple and often themed around fruit or lucky symbols, with sounds that take you to an old-fashioned casino. Many players appreciate this kind of nostalgia.

Modern video slots are games with smooth animations and themes that make you feel as though you are in the middle of a story where the player has the lead role. Such games can be so advanced that they almost resemble an ordinary computer game.

Another type of slot game are the ones based on well-known, popular cultural phenomena such as movies, book series or artists. This is where the game creators have bought the rights to songs and sampled replicas to attract all lovers of books, film or bands in question. These slots really pay off for developers because they attract people who are fans of popular culture and want to see it replicated.

So-called table games count sometimes into the category of slots though they really are quite different. There are games that are played around the table at physical casinos and are now available in versions that work when you play against the computer. Blackjack, baccarat, roulette and poker variants are the most common table games.

Some themes are so common that you can choose from a dozen slots based on the same theme. But there are also slot machines that are unlike any other on the market.

Can You Get Rich Playing Slots?

You will hear stories all the time of people hitting it rich after they have played slot games for minutes, days or years. All slot games are a game of luck, so there is no recipe for winning, you can hit the jackpot on your first spin of the wheel, or you could be playing for years before you get a significant win.

Although people will try to tell you or sell you a secret recipe for winning on slot games, there is no such thing, and all slots games should be played for entertainment first and winning possibility second. It is simply good fortune that decides if you are a winner or not and there is no way to calculate in advance the paylines to bet on or not.

What you can do to improve your winning chances though is use any one of our offered bonuses to help you get to your winning streak faster. A bonus or offer will give you a slightly better chance of beating the odds because generally, you are not playing with your own money, so whatever you do win is a profit!

How Do You Get Out As Much As Possible By Playing The Slots

Test Games From Different Software

Developers often have very different styles when creating their slot games. Most experienced players have a few favourites when it comes to slot developers that they tend to stick to. But if you are new to the genre, it is a good idea to test out the developers and find the one that resonates with you most.

Play Classics

Cozy Starburst, Vampire Hunting and Blood Suckers all have a high RTP rate. These games are almost always listed in the top games you have to try because so many people like and they are quite popular. All of the most popular slots online are listed and grouped together on our site so you can find them easily, and try your hand at new online games.

Sample Play Before You Bet Real Money

One of the great things about online slot games is that there is generally a free play mode. Free play mode allows you to play with casino credit (not real money) before you stake any of your own cash on the game. This offer is great to get a feel for how the games works and if you are interested in it or not. The only drawback is that you are not in with a chance to win any real cash!

Make A Budget

When you play with MyChance, you can limit how much you want to bet during a specific time period, once you reach that limit you will not be able to play for real money. It is something that is highly recommended in the online gaming world because it is very easy to get caught up in the fun and excitement of it all and forget about the budget that you initially set.